Friend from the past ...

You used to be for me to just be the best friend, and I do not appreciate you talking to us all to meet, and we refused to ... ahaha ... fools ... we were close, you were always with me, remember my couch? ahah we get up, well, not everything was properly and then, something happened and we broke up ... I miss you, even though we made ​​it up, but … you're not the same and I have not the same. is probably ... back, perhaps it is difficult, but I myself do not want you to return, because he had not awakened as before ... I do not need in this, I just Sutch for the past, I miss us .. . it but we have no habit! but it will soon be over, I believe,I forgive you for everything, and you will please forgive me, I wish you good luck in the new year, be happy, and at least occasionally remember me, because I loved you, I know, did not open, ahah, here and over our history. .. even if it is not a happy ending, but he wakes up, but everyone has his own! our separate ways, all goodbye) with love, your friend))

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